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284878 05:45 AM 06-05-2020
Originally Posted by Unregistered:
We have the same problem. Our kidís preschool closed due to a shelter in place order. She is going to Kinder in August 2020. We do not see to have her go back to the preschool and requested our deposit to be refund. And the school said they would not refund and we can use tje credit for online learning which we do not want because we do not think online learning will work for a 4 year-old kid.

Per the agreement the deposit will be used toward the last month tuition nut now there is no last month for us.

We really do not know what to do too.
I got my daughter a little used net book at 4 to prepare her for K because I knew that in K she would be using a computer for part of her education. Your child will most likely be using one in K too. So even if you don't take the preschool up on the offer, you yourself should be teaching your child the basics of using the computer before she starts K.
Her netbook came in handy this year for distance learning and will be used next year during distance learning days too.