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Gemma 10:38 AM 04-16-2021
Originally Posted by Beezwax:
I work at a daycare and each time I try to talk to the parents about the childís day my boss gets mad at me.
Thereís one child who we are having to potty train and my boss has been making a big deal to make sure she doesnít have any accidents. Well lately when I try to take her to go potty sheís been throwing fits and itís been super difficult to take her to go potty. So I went to go talk to the mom and ask her if thereís anything I could implement at the daycare to help her go to the potty more and not through a tantrum each time I have to take her. And after I did that my boss literally yelled me afterwards said why did I tell her about that stuff she doesnít care and doesnít want to hear about it. My boss then preceded to ask an aide who is only with the child for about 2 hours if the child is having ďaggressionĒ issues (which I never said that) and then says that Iím lying to parents and to not let me take kids to parents anymore when Iím the lead. My boss then goes to another lead teacher and says if my kids parents are there for her to bring them to the parents. And then I said something to my boss and asked why she wonít let me take my kids to the parents anymore. And she said because I talk too much and because I tell the parents things about the childís day that they donít want to hear, in her words the parents donít want to know everything about the childís day.
But get this the teacher who is taking my kids to their parents now all she does is sit there and talk to the parents into another parent comes but Iím the one to get in trouble? It makes no sense.
Iím so frustrated I donít know what to do. Am I in the wrong for asking advice from the parents and telling the parents about the childís day?
First of all potty training is not something that should be forced on a child, or the caregivers, and second your boss is disrespectful and out of line...I would totally quit that job!