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Originally Posted by mac60 View Post
We had an indicent several years ago with an elementary age boy in a local school district. For weather reasons, school was left out early. The bus driver dopped 10 yr old boy off, no one was home and he was locked out. He tried to climb thru a window and the window came down on him and somehow he got caught in the window, couldn't get on thru, and was killed. The school was sued. They no longer let schools out early here.
Oh, that is so aweful. I could not imagine that parent coming home to that. I don't make drop off and pick up here mandatory. I have some parents home in time and this allows for more income as I can have extra children afterschool if some of the morning ones go home.

However, I do make it mandatory that I am always listed as the emergency busing home in case of school emergency or early closings.
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