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I take on more school age during the summer, one of which is my own daughter, so I plan things based on what I want for her. Selfish, but my kid comes first.

We do water Wednesdays and will be doing messy Mondays this year during our morning outside time. Other days will just be outside in the AM.

I'll keep things structured because I think the kids tend to get a bit nuts if I cut them too much slack. There's plenty of free play time, but structure also.

I am going to cut back on themes a bit over the summer for the preschool set and I'm becoming more intent on focusing on watercolors for activity time. Lots of different things we could do with that.
Science will happen outdoors and when the opportunities present themselves. We do a fair amount of gardening (even doing potatoes this year, hope we don't have a black 49!), and worm hunting has been the outside activity of choice for the past couple of weeks. Cicadas are also a hot topic when they start up as well as the rotten Japanese beetles (boo).
Music and story time are a daily given, as well as circle time.
I'm going to do circle time with the younger kids while the older are journaling.
During nap the older kids have a mandatory 30 minutes of reading, then 10 minutes of math skill building.
Then we will really focus on "themes".
I'm thinking for the 8 weeks of vacation we will work on
7 Wonders of the world
Animals of choice
Subject of their choice
Different activities around these will be working together to make posters, books, research, information sharing, arts and crafts strictly for the older kids.
That's what is shaping up to be my master plan, but I may throw it all out and do something completely different. I guess I'll see when we get there.
Wow, thanks for the opportunity to do my thinking out loud. First time I've seen all of this mess that's been floating around in my head written down. Hmmmm.....
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