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I homeschooled our daughters for 9 years, starting whem our oldest was in 5th grade. When she went to take her ACT I was way more nervous then she was-and she did really well! Our youngest has never been homeschooled, I stopped when she was ready for k, and our other girls started school in 1, 5, 6 and 7. The only reason I stopped was b/c I needed open heart surgery, and there was no way I could keep up schooling them
I really miss it, and I do regret that I stopped. My girls go to a very small private school, and I still don't like the things they pick up there. I also never had ANY of the normal teenage girl issues with our oldest, and I think homeschooling is a huge part of the reason why. I think if you have the opportunity and the patience to do it-go for it. You will never regret it!
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