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Unregistered 03:14 PM 01-05-2008
I removed my child from his home daycare provider last month a week early (even though I had already paid for that week) due to issues I had with the "care" provided (my infant was only being changed 2x a day, dog chewed on his bottles, other children playing/breaking his carseat; I promptly reported her to Family Services). Wen I asked the daycare provider if I would recieve that weeks' payment back, she stated no, that it was "in her contract" (which I had to get to make a copy of from her as she never provided one though I'd asked for it). I reviewed the contract and learned that I don't receive that weeks' payment back- but what I DID learn was that she owed me money back due to daycare closures/child not attending due to illness. When I pointed it out to her she got rude and said she didn't have the money (was ppaid by 5-6 other parents the day prior) and that she'd send a check out by the end of the week.
So here it is January and I haven't received payment, so I contacted her, and she got rude with me saying that she doesn't have the money (got paid the day I called her; I pointed that out and she said sshe has other bills to pay) and that she'd get it to me when she could. I was never late with payment in the 6 months I sent my child there; so my question is: She's a certified/registered Daycare; I have a copy of the "legally binding document" (contract stating she owes that money) as she pointed out to me; how do I get my money back? What if she alters her calendar (she writes in pencil and erases a lot...) to try and say those days don't exist? I'm a single mom and the money is important, even though it is just 1/4th of what she receives for one child....HELP!