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Originally Posted by mamamanda View Post
Tomorrow I am interviewing an assistant to help me a few hours a week during the summer. She's a college student who came highly recommended by a couple ladies from my church. I've been chatting with her via facebook and am pretty sure I'm going to offer her the job, but just wondered if there's any specific questions you ask during an interview. We've discussed hours,pay, & responsibilities. What kinds of things do you ask? I'm excited. She will basically help with morning walks, craft time, & lunch prep/clean up. That will take so much stress off of me. I'm also interviewing for a new kiddo tomorrow. Fingers crossed!!!
I usually create a situation problem for them to lete know how they would solve it.


Two dcks are fighting and pulling hair ( make it up). You have asked them to stop 2 times and they are still going at it. What would you do.

I would also ask if there's any reason why she wouldn't be able to get to work on time or prohibit her from doing the job

I can't think of anything else right now even though I ask a million questions lol
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