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cheerfuldom 07:31 AM 09-08-2011
i recently took a new family a few weeks ago. they aren't neighbors but live within a half mile or so from us. things are working out fairly well. anyway, they have since started walking by my house at least every other day, pretty often actually. they walk with the baby in the stroller and come by and say hi and chat if we are outside. its almost like they are looking to see if we are home and what we are doing though they don't knock on the door or ask to come in (chatting if we are out front or something). there is a really nice walking trail by their house which they pass and go out of the way to get to my subdivision for the walk. i hate to be so suspicious but it is sort of rubbing me the wrong way. one day my DH sent my daughter out front by herself to get into the car to go somewhere (I wasn't okay with this, shes only 3 and we talked about it later). anyway, they walk by with my 3 year old unattended in the front yard and getting into the car by herself and i just feel like eventually, something will be said about whatever they are seeing on these walks. i just hate that I have been burnt so many times by DC parents and feel that I am being spied on even though that may not be the case. Can you see that I have trust issues with parents? I'd love to assume that they are just friendly and having a nice walk but most of me does not believe that. They are constantly asking if their child is alright here, if everything is okay, over and over and need lots of reassurance that their kid is not being abused or something. Any recommendations on handling this type of parent?