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cheerfuldom 08:31 PM 10-10-2012
I agree with the others....WAY to much explanation and apology.

Dear Parents,

As of X date, your childcare fee will be increased from Y amount per week to Z amount per week. The attached updated contract needs to be signed and returned by XX date in order to remain with ABC daycare.

Feel free to contact me in the following way(s) should you have any specific questions or concerns....

THEN if the parents contact you and ask something specific, you can be ready with an appropriate response. I still would not defend my decision or apologize. I also wouldnt mention a later increase down the road....I would just do it again in 6 months if that was what I was ready to do at the time.
Most likely no one will question it but if they do, I would let them know that you feel your rates were still reasonable but they are welcome to research competitors rates and services. You feel confident that your services are at a high standard while still maintaining a reasonable rate. It would be a rare parent that will take the time to comparison shop once they see that you are not open to negotiating your current rate or apologizing for a small increase.