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slpender 07:05 AM 01-17-2013
the reason I am asking is because in the past 6 mnths I have enrilled to new infants and both of them are awful they cried all day for weeks unless they were being held. One child now 6 mnths old is still a very hard baby mom holds him all the time at home and rocks him to sleep. He cries all morning and nap time are awful. Both parents took extended leave and were home for 12 wks I am used to getting the infants at 6 wks. I have a new infant starting the 2nd week in March and I am going to meet with the parents next week to go over my infant policies this parent is also on extended leave of 12 wks. I am looking a good way to address this with them b/c I cannot deal with another child that sreams all day.