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Starburst 02:12 PM 01-17-2013
Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa:
Here's what I have in my handbook. It's the very first thing that the parents read after reading a section about mutual respect and that I am a business owner. I wanted to make sure that I addressed these two issues first (that I am not their employee and that this is group care) before anything else.

"Group Setting
[DAYCARE] is a group family child care home and does not have sufficient staff to provide individualized childcare. Any requests for specialized care out of the normal array of services that we provide must be conducive to group care and are subject to the child care provider’s approval."

Maybe you (OP) can also put something about how it is to teach infants about delayed gratification (as opposed to instant gradification) and independance. Maybe you can also put something about tummy-time/floor time to encourage infants to build upper/lower body muscles and core strength (also helps prevent SIDS). Because I have heard that babies that are held all the time and not given enough tummy time tend to walk later. But I wouldn't say (or do it) that you are going to put kids in swings, car seats, or anything else restrictive all day because in younger infants this can cause positional affixiation (one suspected cause of SIDS). And depending on your local regualations you cannot even have a walker on daycare property (like in CA) plus they actually delay walking despite what the name implies. Just try to find the benifits and try to have a place bookmarked on your computer as backup if needed. Im sure when parents see the benifits they will calm down a bit.