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frugalmama4 03:23 PM 01-17-2013
Great post slpender!

This whole week I have been thinking about writing up a "Infant policy book/by-laws...still working on the name"

I don't specialize in infants for many reason..but I do keep 2 of my 12 spots open for the infant-12mo age " it covers my family's extra spending" I have a new baby that started last week...I posted about his eating and thumb sucking habit earlier this week.

Anywhoo-things I thought of covering so far

Feeding (when/how/why to introduce new foods)
Sleeping (when/how/why to allow self soothing)...this will diffidently cover thumb sucking/teddy bears/blankets etc)
One-on-one time (what it means in family care, how its done)
Walking (why walking shoes where invented)
Weekends/time away from daycare. (Life would be great for the children if the schedules where followed at home)

Good Luck!