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Abigail 06:06 PM 01-18-2013
I do not have anything in my handbook as far as a dedicated section for infants and I will not. Mostly because my choices on infant care can and do change over time. Most infants will already come into care with a plan of action with mutual respect between their parents and myself or else they would not be enrolled. I do great interviews with families and I don't need to put something in writing in a handbook meant overall for all families, not just those with infants. I've had three infants enrolled and not one has been the same or same type of background, but all parents and I have been on the same page. If a parent doesn't ask how their infant's doing is going to go I tell them.

They're on their own schedule until they're older. I give out an infant report that has their eating and sleeping schedule and also have parents give me updates all the time how things go at home. Switching to food and different stages of their life, just like an older child's stage will change, is all discussed as it occurs as well. Not reason to put those things in the handbook besides covering it in the COMMUNICATION section stating you expect both the parents and you communate continually to make sure you have a great relationship and great consistancy between home and daycare.