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TaylorTots 09:40 AM 02-27-2014
I have a 10m dcg in my care that came in a month and a half ago not eating any solids. She doesn't hold a bottle, had never tried a sippy cup and was barely crawling. Her development here in the past month and a half suggests parents holding constantly (which was in line with the first couple weeks of adjustment of wanting held) and being in a pack n play or similar in past daycare. NOW she drinks primarily from a sippy, eats normal table solids for a 10 month old and is attempting to walk. DCPs have been through 2 other providers in the past. I contacted them prior to accepting DCG and they both said that parents didn't agree with their policies and left. I discussed my policies with DCPs and they have agreed to and been good at abiding by all of them. In the past month and a half of being in my daycare environment, DCD and I have struggled to meet eye to eye though. I have met him 3 times total - interview, a pick up --this was a odd pick up too as I had my MIL and DH helping during pick ups as I had to get ready for a dinner, which I did inform mom of earlier in the day -- and one time he dropped in randomly thinking he needed to pick her up when grandma already had.

Yesterday DCG lost her balance and fell into a bookcase. She had a tiny bruise on her forehead which is completely gone today. DCM communicates with me openly and often about DCD: "He's a little weird and overprotective of her, wants you to make her bottles with this bottled water as he thought the local water tasted more chlorine-y than normal." or this morning after I mentioned her fall yesterday to DCM (grandma picked up yesterday). "Yeah, DCD was freaking out and took pictures and everything..." and she rolls her eyes.

That makes me extremely uncomfortable. Is this a normal DCP reaction to a first bump at daycare? I document all incidents and this one was no different. However all my other DCPs are very realistic about a 10-18 month olds bumps as they are learning to walk and whatnot. I mean last week the 12 month old had a nosebleed from trying to run on the ceramic tile before he was able to run

WWYD in relation to DCD in this situation? I feel very uncomfortable that a DCP would be taking pictures of a regular, normal looking tiny bruise from a fall that disappeared within 18 hours of the happening. Yes, they completely have the right to protect their child of course - but it seems extreme? I may just be a little antsy as this is the first parent to react this way...