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Blackcat31 11:15 AM 02-27-2014
Originally Posted by MV:
I would make a call to DCD

"Hi Steve. I just wanted to call because I was informed that you took a picture of the bruise that Suzie got here yesterday, which by the way is completely gone today as I am sure you have noticed. I was wondering if you could shed some light on why you thought it was necessary.... (DCD's response) ... thank you for clarifying it for me.

I want to go ahead and point out that Suzie is attempting/learning to walk. Bumps and bruises are a normal part of a childs development as they build their large motor skills. Will you be recording every bump and bruise that she incurs while in daycare? (Yes). Okay, I have to be honest with you and tell you that I think that its a little excessive but I respect ypur decision. However because you will be documenting every bump and bruise I will need to do the same, you know, so that we don't get our bumps and bruises mixed up. It's a liability thing for me, I'm sure you understand. I just don't want to be blamed for every bruise. Each day when Suzie gets dropped off I will do a full wellness check and document any bumps,marks, bruises and scratches and whoever drops her off will need to sign off on it. I will also take photos. At pick up I will do the same and it will need to be signed off again. I will continue to report any falls and bruises to whoever drops off as I have always done. I'm sure you understand. "

Or something like that. The point is to bombard the parent with the overall silliness of the overreaction and they will then have to think about how hard it will be to keep Suzie from getting bruised at home and the idea of how now every single bruise will be recorded and photographed. There really is no need for all of this however because I'm always thinking about worst case scenario I would be worried about liability.

I would also think about whether I thought that going through the whole process would be worth it and contemplate terminating them. What is the purpose of his documenting the bruise? Is he going to collect photos and call licensing? Even if licensing understood that it was excessive and pointless, for me at least on CA, the report/complaint would still be in my file and potential clients would be able to access it. Even if it was dismissed my file would still show that I had the complaint and other parents may shy away from signing with me. It could still hurt my business.

I would have a really deep reflection on the situation and really put some thought into this.
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