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craftymissbeth 12:32 PM 05-07-2014
I guess I'm the odd man out, but I'd mention it. In my area, once they turn three they no longer qualify for free intervention services through our school district. There's no reason to wait until an issue is crystal clear... sometimes it's helpful to nip it earlier rather than later.

For example, my nephew (who is now 7 and in 1st grade) talked very similar to what you're describing. He also talked very loudly. Anyone who expressed concern was met with "he's just a late talker". Actually, it ends up he needed tubes in his ears and his hearing was profoundly affected. You couldn't immediately tell that the problem was even his ears. He didn't have issues with ear infections, either. He had his first set of tubes when he was 3.5 and they helped greatly, but he has an EIP at school, has his own para, and receives Title I services. He also still has a lot of speech problems and has difficulty saying what he wants to... which frustrates him. He's the sweetest boy, but before he had his tubes, he was a monster. He was mean and beat up on his cousins. I think he just couldn't hear enough to understand... he was in his own little world. I think since he missed out on the early years of hearing others speak he's lost that piece of the puzzle that helps children learn speech patterns and fluidity. If that makes sense.

Sorry, didn't mean to make that so long!