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Kabob 12:35 PM 05-07-2014
Does he have any other issues (ie frequent ear infections, texture issues, sleep issues, etc)?

When you give him a one step direction (ie, "get the ball") does he understand and (at least try) to follow it?

Does he make eye contact when asking you for something (ie when he says "more")?

Does he gesture or try to use other forms of language (sign language, leading you to the item) to try to communicate?

Does he make eye contact with you when you talk to him?

If you say "where's the ball?" when playing or reading a book with him does he look or point in that direction?

Honestly it's hard to say if a child is a delayed talker without all the knowledge and experience with this child...some children take more time but as long as he's making progress and isn't showing other issues as mentioned above then maybe just keep a watchful eye on it and refer him to your local early childhood intervention program if he continues struggling.

If I were to answer the above questions for my son when he was 2 yo then I would've said no to all of those questions. My son started stagnating in his speech development and then eventually regressed to the point where he didn't even say "mama". He lost all of the words he had. I had him evaluated and he was found to be almost a year behind. He is slowly catching up and is doing way better socially. If I had waited to get his ear tubes and to get him evaluated then I don't think he would be at this level...probably would be worse.

But then again it is easy to jump to the conclusion if we don't know the big picture and we don't consider that every child walks, talks, and potty trains at different ages than another child may.