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AslansG1rl 12:27 PM 08-12-2014
Thanks for the response.

As for the water bottle, what i meant by her "not letting me fill it up" is this:

She didn't choose one, and when i chose one for her, I set it on the table so I could pour the water into it from the water pitcher. She picked up the bottle and would not put it down. I asked her to put it back so I could fill it for her. She didn't say anything, just kept holding it, and turned away from me. I put the water back into the fridge. I didn't get her a different bottle.

And the "wrong plate" incident... You are correct. She was VERY hungry for dinner and ate EVERY bite!!!

I guess, I am really trying to get some ideas on how much and how little should i expect from her right now? How much do I demand? I don't want to push her too hard right now, simply because she has had a LOT of changes recently.

Thanks for the advice about acknowledging her feelings and then letting it go.