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kitkat 10:32 AM 11-22-2010
Congrats on baby #2! I'm due in March w/baby #3.

Being tired and sick is so hard to shake off...take advantage of times when you and sit and relax, especially nap time. If you are feeling really tired, just make it an easy day on yourself. When I didn't feel well I would munch throughout the day. That usually made me feel better. You might have to deal with the stares from the little know the She's-got-food-and-I-want-some stares

Do you have a relative, neighbor, or friend who might be interested in filling in for you? My mom fills in for me for my appts.

Tell your dcps when you are ready. There is no set time on when to tell. Do what you are comfortable with, but be ready with some quick answers in case you need to dodge some questions.

I can't think of any other tips right now other than remember this is your family. Don't let anyone pressure you into how much time to take or not take off. If you want more than 2 weeks off and can afford it, go for it. If you can't take it off, make sure to find help. Oh, and use the "I'm pregnant" excuse as much as you can