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Missani 07:05 PM 12-29-2010
I could have written this post. I started purchasing things in July and started on August 30th. I think only part of your question was answered. Yes, you can start with utilities, etc. on day 1. I don't know how you calculate that for August, but I was thinking I might start it on Sept. 1 just for practical reasons-it's easier. As far as tracking time outside of day care hours, I know you don't have to have proof of every hour. I've seen people suggest keeping a log for 1-2 months and using that. I'm not sure how you can do that after the fact, but maybe you can think back to Nov.-Dec. and try to estimate? Then, I would keep track for Jan./Feb. of this year for sure to use next year-maybe if you wait to do your taxes until Feb. you could use that to estimate for this year, too? Good luck!