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nannyde 09:25 AM 03-13-2019
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
I would not be willing to do it, either. My regs would not support it. Feeding 3 oz every two hours would only work if I was physically breastfeeding my own. I am required to offer (not make them take):

"8 months through 11 months

Breakfast: 6-8 fl. oz. breast milk

Lunch: 6-8 fl. oz. breast milk

Snack 2-4 fl. oz. breast milk "

I never allow a parent to decide how much breast milk I give and when. I have them bring a jug of milk daily and I feed on demand as much as they want to fill their bellies. The guidelines above are spot on with my experience with that age group and the amount they drink with the exceptions of the ones who are nipple attached all night and drink all night long. They usually have less at the around 9 am feeding and then increase at pre nap and after nap.