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missmisty 12:17 PM 03-15-2019
Originally Posted by Cat Herder:
I would not be willing to do it, either. My regs would not support it. Feeding 3 oz every two hours would only work if I was physically breastfeeding my own. I am required to offer (not make them take):

"8 months through 11 months

Breakfast: 6-8 fl. oz. breast milk

Lunch: 6-8 fl. oz. breast milk

Snack 2-4 fl. oz. breast milk "
Does this apply to formula fed babies as well? I have a 10 month old who is eating some solids but he was a delayed start with feeding so she doesn't send much with him (maybe 2-3 oz of pureed food) and doesn't want him fed ANY table food yet (she makes his food at home and sends what she wants him to be fed).

However - they only bring a small bottle and only want him to have 3 (3oz) bottles of formula. He is here for about 9.5 hours/day. This doesn't seem like nearly enough? He cries when the bottle is empty and if I don't give him more will cry until he cries himself to sleep. If I give another 3 oz (which I admit I do because I feel like he is still hungry) he will usually drift off without any issues once his tummy is full.

Is it awful that I give more than the parents want? My son was full on eating tablefoods at 10 months and he still drank at least 6-8 oz of formula a few times a day.