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CenterTeacher20 08:20 PM 04-02-2020
I'm so exhausted from putting together at-home structure/learning plans and staying after closing to explain them and go over them with families every day this week, one family each day so they can actually come in and I can explain things to them about the activities we're sending, etc... (because we aren't allowing parents in our center during operating hours, they basically meet me at the for with their kid, I ask them the screening questions, take their kid's temp and then they leave at drop-off and pick-up is just me getting them ready to go outside in their coats and boots and sending them out to their parents) that I could have definitely fallen asleep as soon as I got got home at 7pm. But I had billing and other things to take care of when I got home, so I stayed awake.

It's been freezing rain here since about 2pm and now we have about 3 inches of frozen rain on the ground (if you're from a warmer place, think sand made out of ice) so not snow, just tiny frozen ice droplets. Its completely white outside. Looks like snow, but its a lot more dangerous. It was tricky to even drive home from my center, and I only live about 8 minutes away (normally) today, it took about 20.. It's expected to keep going until around lunchtime tomorrow. I KNOW that if school was still in session as usual, we would have a "snow day" tomorrow, and the schools would have announced it around 7 or 8 and we would close because our center follows school closings... but NOW with schools already closed, we are falling back on waiting for larger centers in our area before we call it. Which won't happen until sometime between 10 and the morning.
We are only providing care to essential employees ay this time so I'd feel bad closing but the safety of our staff comes first especially when there are only 3 of us working at our small center. I'd feel bad making the decision and calling it in the morning with such short notice so I'm contemplating calling it now so it can just be done with. But I know that just because I could really use a day off (and to be honest I'm hoping for it) doesn't mean the closure is 100% necessary. But I do think we'll end up being closed tomorrow due to weather.

Blackcat, if you're on the forum at this time of night (just because I know you're close to me and you're probably familiar with this type of weather) are you dealing with this same weather right now?? What would you do in my shoes??