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Unregistered 06:53 AM 09-09-2020
Hello, I've never posted here but I am totally confused on what to do or how to even go about this situation. I have a 9m old in daycare hes on his 2nd week attending, hes been doing fine. Hes been coming home with bruises on his knees and i always wonder how he even gets them? What could he possibly be doing if all he does is crawl, if he was running/walking bruised knees would be understandable. Today 9/8 I picked him up and he had a red mark under his eye, I asked the teacher "Is this a bite?" Looked alot like a mosquito bite or some sort of bite. She said oh no he fell, I said oh? Was no one going to call me or let me know because its really close to his eye? She said " I was going to make an indicent report after the other child in the class was done eating." I thought to myself so I guess a hit in the face is no priority for them huh. Mind you there was 2 teachers in his class everyday when I pick him up so how could one not make the report and the other feed the baby. Common sense. Right? Haha nope.
Anyway, I asked her what time it happened? I arrived to pick him up at 4:15 by the time I signed him out ut was 4:17. She replied with 4:15 mind you my sons face turns red and it stays red for minutes after he's done crying because he's lighter skinned tone so it's obvious when he's cried. I started wondering to myself? What? She said 4:15 I was here already. She had also told me that they struggled for a little while to get him to calm down because he was crying alot. I called after I left to talk to a manager. The manager brushed it off as hes crawling it happens. But what im wondering is why wasn't I contacted? Why is the teacher lying about the time? Why wasn't the report done right after it happened? Idk how to go about it. This is my first kid I've ever had in daycare so I don't even know what I can do. Its a new daycare that just opened in February and paying 220 a week for my son to have all this stuff happening to him all because I wanted a break cause his dad works alot. I feel so guilty.