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Originally Posted by SilverSabre25 View Post
1. It's not *THAT* likely that the ten month old will bring in something...unvaxed does NOT equal dirty and disease-carrying I do NOT think that at all!!
2. There are new, more virulent strains of things showing up that are affecting vaxed populations as much as unvaxed, so the vax is anon-issue.

3. Don't worry; you'll all be fine. The 2-month old is probably in more danger from all the kids coming in shedding viruses from their vaccines than from the ten month old shedding nothing. Yes.. this was one of my concerns.

Originally Posted by Former Teacher View Post
My thoughts exactly!

WDW- My personal opinion is that it's not the child's fault for the parents beliefs. I could be wrong (it's been known to happen ) but I remember something like the thing that suffers is the child that is not vaccinated. Totally agree that it's not the childs fault..

So go ahead and take her
[quote=Blackcat31;246915]Sorry.....I wasn't flaming you...I just know this tends to be a heated debate. Nah, I didn't think YOU were, just didn't want anyone to, I'm really not trying to be ugly or start debate. Just something I had never been faced with before.

I have had children in care not vaccinated, partially vaccinated and vaccinated so I have no worries about what a parent does or doesn't do in that area.

My children are vaccinated but back when they were young, there wasn't the vast wealth of knowledge out there as there is now.

I think that there is no harm in taking the child. The vulnerable one would be the one not vaccinated.[/QUOTE]

Thanks all!
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