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This is a choice you have to make based on your comfort level, and not let your personal feelings of the family get in the way.

Both my kids are fully vaccinated and all my other dck's are vaccinated, so with herd immunity I would do it. However, me personally, with a 2-month-old, I would be more cautious. No, this child is not ridden with diseases and germs but it only takes one time, right?

I think of it like this: if you are not vaccinating your child, that is your choice that you want to take a chance at exposure to those illnesses. If you have a 2-month-old that you plan to fully vaccinate, you are choosing not to expose your child, but you just can't do it yet. I (personally) would not put my newborn in that position.

Along those same lines, if I had 1 child in my daycare that was not vaxxed, I likely would not take another, to increase the safety of the 1 non-vaxxed child in my care.
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