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The only people I have ever had to take to court (4 families) were all subsidy recipients.

Would I ever take subsidy again? Not unless I had to in order to feed my family.

The parents were the problem. DHS paid on time (IF the parents reported their hours on time). But the parents seemed to have difficulty understanding that they were responsible for the difference, or they thought the difference was too much, got upset when they had to pay for no-call no-shows or non-sick absences, etc. Then they wouldn't pay the co-pays on time. They would pick up late (creating a fee that DHS did not pay and parents didn't want to pay). The list goes on and on. I had to practically beg them for their measly co-pay and they acted like I was cutting off their right arm and extorting money from them (even after lengthy discussions about co-pays and such BEFORE they enrolled).

Private pay clients paid on time, every week, and never complained about charges, fees, or the quality of care I gave their children. Basically the subsidy clients were DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA, but the private pays were drama-free.
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