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Exclamation Help with email ideas?

Okay, so I have no qualms about approaching my SIL to get the care switched from their home to mine but I'm looking for a good way to say it? Our original contract (which has already been thrown out the window with the add-on infant) stated that I would give two weeks notice if I decided to quit so...yeah. I also decided to get more into the daycare scene and looking into getting licensed and such. I've also offered a few mamas I know the ability to call me on week days for drop-in care if they need it in a bind so here is what I have:

Dear SIL,

While I really enjoy watching the kiddos I have reached the point where I feel it is necessary to ask to have the childcare moved to my home. There are a variety of reasons for this: First and foremost, I would like to open up a spot for drop-in care for a few mamas I have been talking to and I need to do this from my own home.

Another reason is after speaking to several experienced daycare providers I wanted to try to watch Niece in a new environment. Her behavior of crawling around and crying while looking for you breaks my heart. Others have suggested that having her in a totally different environment can help.

And the final major reasons are simply safety-related. Nephew has a LOT of tiny toys and no matter how hard I try they always end up back out. This is nobody's fault, its just part of having an older kid, but I have pulled small toys out of both Daughter and Nieces's mouths repeatedly, as well as grout from the cracked tiles. As vigilant as I am it is really tough to keep small things out of baby mouths when one is crawling one way and the other is toddling the other way! I feel like I could provide more secure care if I had them at my house where there are no tiny bits for little hands to grab.

I realize that it would mean driving the kiddos to and from my house in the mornings/afternoons but I would be willing to provide both breakfast and lunch for them as well as get them dressed out of their pajamas in order to cut down on worrying about rushing. I would also continue at my same rate of $25 a day for Nephew even if he is here for 5 1/2-6 hours and we could work out something for Niece. I will continue to give daily updates on what we did, meals, snacks, and potty/diapers. I really hope this is able to work because I absolutely love being able to watch Niece and Nephew, they are a ton of fun and Daughter loves the playtime. I also totally understand if this won't work for you and I can continue to come to your house for another two weeks, as per our original contract.


Anything you would change or suggest?
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