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Originally Posted by cheerfuldom View Post
At 10 months, really I would be looking to see if he was a bit delayed. Its not just the bottle thing because you said he wasnt doing much of anything yet right? i know kids develop at different rates but there is still a normal/average range that is fair to expect. I think being barely able to sit and still wobbly neck is delayed to me. By 10 months, most kids are sitting, crawling, and many are pulling up and using a sippy cup at that point. I would definitely keep an eye on this little guy for delays....
I had a set of triplet boys a few years back where the biggest of the three was "floppy", very weak muscle tone. At about six months he had a physical therapist coming three days a week. By the time they turned 1, he had caught up with his siblings. Maybe he needs to be evaluated.
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