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I drive my son to school every morning meaning that I have to take an infant, 2 toddlers, & a preschooler with us. I find that the 20 minutes it takes me to get everyone's coats, hats, gloves, shoes, etc on & everyone to the car is so stressful. We have a good morning routine. But I might get one kid totally ready only to turn around & find that another kiddo has taken their shoes back off. Or they're ready & then head back to the play area making a mess of toys while I'm helping others with shoes. Is there a better way to do this? Should it take this long to get them out the door? I was thinking of putting a rug near the door with a basket of books for a designated area to stay in once you're ready. Their ages are 19mo, a new 2, & a 3 yo. Is that realistic to teach them to sit quietly on the rug once ready? They're not a rowdy group, but they like to roam around. Any suggestions? TIA
I have an attached garage which opens into the daycare room. I got so I would line the kids up at the gate, lift them over the gate and carry them to the car and strap them in one at a time. I would throw shoes, coats and blankies in a bag that I would take with us in the car in case we needed them for some reason, even in the winter. They never went outside and the car was warm so it worked well. Saved my sanity.
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