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Originally Posted by littlemommy View Post
We have a kitchen set, but most of the food toys are put away. I had too many kids putting them in their mouths! I really should get more stuffed animals and dolls. I have mostly girls in my care, and i know they would enjoy them. And hey, a doll may help prepare my 18 month old son for his baby brother or sister that's due in January.

I think Duplos are the coolest things! They are great for all ages-especially because they are big and chunky.
I think I'm going to hit some garage sales tonight and tomorrow and hope to find some deals.
If you use Facebook check and see if you have a local FB yardsale or Garage sale page. People list toys on ours all the time! Then you can look at the stuff right from home and know what you are going to get. Ebay is good too!

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