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Default Update...

So... the 15th has come and gone... I did give them until the 15th, sent them a certified letter and all that jazz before hand. I contacted her chain of command... talked to a sgnt and he passed along my complaint to her direct supervisor (everyone is out of the office training in a different city for deployment so I was unable to contact anybody directly). I just wanted to get it over with, get it recorded and make them aware. I have considered it my learning experience, have changed policies and now have WONDERFUL parents who I NEVER have to ask for payment, they just hand it to me on their day to pay!

So... I wake up this morning... I get a facebook message of all things from this dkp that states that 'my little stint did not work, they are on her side, i didn't even contact the right ppl, etc...'.

I am sooo outraged now! I was proud of myself for even letting them know! And I know I should just let it go... but all I want to do is call up that same sgt I talked to and leave a serious message about how poor this servicewoman acts or even write a letter! she is so vulgar it is a disgrace! I come from a military family, my husband is a vet... it's just not right! ugh!

Well, that's it for now.. at least they are aware. If I get my money, great. If not, chalk it up to my education as previously stated!
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