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Default some saying I have seen on here alot lately or that would be good to know

G-ma= Grandma
G-pa= Grandpa
BF= breastfeed/fed (can also mean boyfriend)
FF= Formula feed/fed
ASL= American sign language
ESL= English as a second language
SO= Significant other (spouse or partner/ bf/gf)
LP= Life partner
DCA= Daycare Assistant
SSP= Same sex partners/ parents
LG= Legal guardian
LC= Learning center
DCR= Daycare room
DCS= Daycare space
CCR&R= Child Care Resource and Referral
CC= Child Care
CCP= Child care provider/ professional
HCP= health care provider/ professional
HDC= Home daycare
FCC= Family child care
FCCP= Family child care provider
FCCA= Family child care association
DCC= daycare center
MAM= Music and movement
DPA= Dramatic play area
RP= Role play
MIA= Missing in action (could refer to a no show with no call)
AWOC= Absent without Call (could also refer to a no show with no call, or AWOL)
AKA= Also known as
ASAP= As soon as possible
W/O= Without
W/I= Within
SN= Special needs
NSN= Non-special needs
MTB= Mother to be
FTB= Father to be
IR=Immunization records
MR= Medical records
WIWD= What I would do
ECE= Early childhood education
CD= child development
CDC= Center of disease control
PD= Police department
FD= Fire department
LLC= Limited liability company
JSYK or JSUK= Just so you know
# M/O = Month old
# Y/O = Year old
W/E= Whatever
BP= Blood pressure or bipolar (BiP?)
TLC= Tender loving care
GAD= General Anxiety Disorder
QT= Quite time
TO= Time out
IFSP= Individualized family service plan (for special needs kids birth -3 years)
IEP= Individual education plan (for special needs kids 3-5 years)
ADA= Americans with disabilities act
NPNP= No pay, no play
PNP= Pack n' play
SIDS= Sudden infant death syndrome
SIDSPM= SIDS Prevention Measures (or methods)
SUDI= Sudden Unexplained death in Infancy
PIT- Provider in training (a new provider)
TFTI=Thanks for the information
SFH= Smoke free home
PFH= Pet free home
XDCF= Ex daycare family
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