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Originally Posted by CraftyMom View Post
I think I should make this type of policy. I have one full week spot that I allow to be used for part time (if that makes sense). I had one child here Mon and Tues and then another on Friday only, together they took up a full time spot, leaving wed and thurs to fill in, but never happened, too hard to find that exact availability. However I recently a few weeks ago had a situation where the boy coming on Mon and Tues left, leaving the whole week open for this spot except Friday. I had to turn away 2 full time inquiries because Friday was taken. Well that child ended up being a no call no show a few weeks ago and when I finally got in touch with the parents they didn't need Friday anymore due to them getting separated, but never told was a mess and another story in itself! Anyway now this spot is still open, I could have filled it twice, but gave my Friday girl priority. If had this sort of policy I could have avoided this. I never thought of doing that! See, this forum is great! Things I never thought of, or didn't think would be ok to do
I think Black Cat gave me the idea, but it could have been someone else. My policy says that full time has priority over part time. The part timer can chose to go to full time or give their two week notice if i find a full timer to fill their spot.
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