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I agree with QualiTcare except for forcing her to sit on the toilet. Be firm with her and watch her like a hawk for a week and hopefully she'll turn her attitude around.

If you force her to sit on the toilet you may well end up with a larger defiance from her. She'll made you sit there holding her on the toilet until you finally give up. Then she'll purposely pee in her pants. By trying to force something she has 100% control over you could well make her attitude worse. Pick up on what she does right will go along way. She may be doing bad things because it gets more of your attention.

Things may appear to be the same at home but this is holiday season and parents get stressed out and she may be reacting to something subtle at home or something subtle at daycare. I find that when my kids start acting up a lot it's because I haven't done something specifically with them in a few days. I also notice when their behavior starts to slide I don't want to do anything with them which can lead to worse behaviors. It's a vicious cycle and you need to be the one to break it. Try to be as happy with her as possible and give her lots of praise and hugs throughout the day and catch her being good. Spending a few days lavishing her with attention will help her and won't hurt the other kids. After a timeout and she's allowed back to play don't hold the time out against her. Turn your own thoughts on the matter around and be as fun and happy as you can be even it you are faking.

Oh and block her from repeating the behavior. If she was in time out for running, insist that she sit down and color or do a puzzle or have her do a hand stand or roll. Give her something appropriate to do immediately after the time out.
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