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"MAKE her sit on the potty. i wouldn't typically recommend that, but for a child that's being defiant and has a pattern of "accidents" right after potty time, i sure would. she won't sit? "help her" sit."

i still stand by my statement. as i said, i wouldn't typically recommend making a child who is having accidents sit on the potty, but this is a 3 year old and it is CLEARLY no accident. there's a difference in making a child sit on the potty who is learning and having accidents (which i wouldn't do) and making a child who is yelling "NO! i don't have to!" and then peeing on herself consistently. if she won't sit on the potty, and you don't make her sit on the potty, and she is not wearing a diaper - you KNOW she's going to pee all over the place. you can't pee in the potty if you won't ever sit on it. "you don't have to potty, but you have to try" is what i would say.

otherwise, if she's not getting on the potty on her own, and nobody is willing to sit her on it - she might as well be in diapers.
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