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Originally Posted by kidkair View Post
The bit in bold is more as to what I was getting at. A potty trained 3 year old can hold out for a very long time even if they have to go. If she is forced (physically undressed and sat on toilet) she may start to hit and fight to get off. If you never give up then you will need to hold her there and if she really wants to win the battle she will hold it for an hour or more. If she loses the battle she won't think oh I'll just go without the fight next time. More likely she'll pee on the person forcing her when they undress her or wet herself on the way. Telling her to just try and asking that she sit down for a minute to try and get her to pee is fine. But forcing her there and not ever giving up will lead to a much bigger problem.
"don't give up EVER. it sounds like people (not saying you) have thrown their hands up and let her get away with a lot. let her know that you won't and she'll stop."

this was a new thought...i guess i should've used the space bar. i didn't mean, make her sit on the potty and never give up til she goes!
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