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oh yeah, i'm sure ur right about kids being different than they were and teachers do have to deal with the behavior of course.

i guess it just depends on your style if behavior is an "issue" or not. there's always one or two in every bunch that test you.

teachers are also different than they were too - not just kids. i'm young, but everyone calls me "old school" when it comes to dealing with kids. you can be DAP when teaching and still be strict when it comes to behavior.

i will not stop a conversation with an adult because a kid walks up and needs to say something. that seems obvious to me, but it happens ALL the time. a kid walks up...teacher stops listening to the adult they're talking to so they can see what the kid wants. not me - no way jose. i'll put my hand up and they better go on until they see me not talking. i don't care if i'm talking about what's for dinner - i'm talking. i've had ppl my age and even older think it's just so funny that i do that. i just think unless you're on fire, there's no reason it can't wait. kids walking in the hallway always made me nuts too. now, if you're "dap" you should know it doesn't REALLY matter if they walk in a line and don't talk or not. you should have them pretend they are "secret spies" or play some silly game to get them to walk down the hall like humans.
NOPE - sorry. be quiet and walk like you're supposed or play time can be spent practicing how to walk. it only takes one or two sessions before they suddenly have self control. that's what it's about for me...not a perfect line, but self control.

i don't know how things got turned around so far backwards that kids became the bosses , but the adults that don't think everything their parents/teachers did was wrong can still manage a group without much trouble.
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