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Originally Posted by QualiTcare View Post
i guess it just depends on your style if behavior is an "issue" or not. there's always one or two in every bunch that test you.
You know what I guess the difference is? I don't think it's one or two. I think it's one or two half way thru the school year but I think it's more like 30 plus percent in the begining of school. I think what is different now is the amount of time it takes to get the kids to go native and the sheer number of them (children with significant behavioral issues) in each classroom.

I think it's one of the main reasons our school systems are failing on a catastrophic level and we are plummeting compared to other nations in core subjects. I think the teachers have to spend SO much of their energy dealing with behavior that they don't have the literal time to teach. Once they get the group sound enough so much of the year has gone by.

The way I see this is by the OP's post. They are really down to survival mode because of the sheer number of behavior issues. Once the kids get into school and the parents aren't "paying" for it then that alone will decrease some of the behavior issues. Once they have free school if they have constant significant issues then free becomes not available. Not having free is enough to get a good portion of the parents on board and things can start to change.

I just think the totality of it is worse than we really understand right now.
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