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Originally Posted by Sunny Day View Post
So it is "Dog Week" next week at daycare and I had this fun idea of getting the kids small stuffed dogs and letting them "adopt" them, we would then take care of them, name them and look after them for the week. I thought it would be a neat way to teach them to care for a pet (they are all 2.5-3yrs). I went to the bargain store and bought pet dishes, collars and leashes for each of them and was planning on getting the stuffed toys there too, but they didn't have them. I've had so many parties, birthdays, etc. lately that my budget is completely shot and I can't afford to go out and spend $8-10 on stuffed toys because I can't find them at the dollar store! I was thinking of explaining to the parents what I would like to do and asking them to pitch in $5/each for the stufffies. Have any of you ever done this? I have never asked the parents for $ even when we do field trips, etc. I always manage to foot the bill, but I just can't do it this time. What do you think? Is it wrong to ask them to help pay? Sorry that got long! Thanks!!
You could say,,,,the week of ??? we will be learning about taking care of pets. Please take your child to the stuffed pet store and bring it to daycare on ........ If you need to purchase the pet, please do not spend more than $5....

This might be cute for the parents to go with the kids to adopt their stuffed animal pet...

I am thinking out loud here so hopefully this is helpful
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