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Originally Posted by Baby Beluga View Post
This is so true.

Free Pre-K hasn't started in my city...yet. The school districts offer lower cost preschools that are 3ish hours long, and the high school students often help run the program. The particular preschool this mom posted about it a Christian based for profit brick and mortar school. And it would cost about $300 more per month. DCM's work pays for childcare/preschool/daycare/what have you, so I don't think cost is a huge factor for them.

I'm just curious since mom is so complimentary and verbally thankful (who knows her real feelings though?) why the change. Unless she just really believes a brick and mortar school is the next step.

On a side note, one of our local elementary schools offers aftercare from 3pm - 6:00pm for $9 per day. It seems very low to me. Before school and after school is $15 per day. So essentially your child can be away from home from 6:30am - 6:00pm for $15 per day
In the end though that still comes out to $330 dollars monthly at $15 dollars a day. Seems pretty high for school age still but sad if parents feel the need to have them gone that long. I do have children in my care though open to close, so I do know it happens.
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