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Originally Posted by Baby Beluga View Post
That what confused me though. I am more of a preschool type environment. I advertise myself as an educational in-home daycare and preschool. I have weekly learning themes as well as monthly learning goals. For example, this week our learning theme is Dr Suess and February's learning goals are:

Letters: N and O
Colors: Red and Pink
Shape: Heart
Math Concept: Patterning
Opposite Pair: Clean and Dirty
Positive Social Goal: Caring for Others
Sight Word: in

I have parents who have enrolled their children with me for their last year before starting K so I can assist them in K prep.

So, it has to be something. I am more curious about asking so I can see if it is something I can fix for future clients vs wanting this one to stay. I don't want this one to go, but it's like a break up...once the thought of leaving is there, they are already gone.
Ah ok that makes no sense at all then!!
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