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Blackcat31 12:56 PM 03-04-2020
Originally Posted by gammerus:
I'm planning on going back to work - taking interviews atm.

I'm still working on keeping thing consistent at home, but honestly nap time is a real struggle at home, and I'm not interesting in trying the cio method I have only managed to get him to sleep without rocking or nursing a couple of times, and that was when he was beyond exhausted.
Honestly you can't really expect a group care provider to do what you've been doing in order to get your child to nap.
It's simply not realistic.

Even in a center with multiple staff members they aren't equipped to manage that type of individualized need.

Have you considered hiring a nanny instead?
It might be a better way to go so that your child isn't suddenly faced with a routine he absolutely does not understand.

If attending child care is your goal, I would definitely start working towards teaching your child how to sleep without being rocked or held.

Too many parents do not provide their child the tools they need to thrive in care. The child is usually the one to suffer the fall out when this happens.