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Originally Posted by SunshineMama View Post
17 months and almost-4.

The 17 month old isn't too spoiled (with "things" anyway, I probably hold her a lot but I dont ship her off to anyone else to deal with that so I am not too worried yet). It is mostly my oldest.
hold your baby all you want. He or She will grow up and be to big for you to hold sooner then you think!!!

I really like ......if you ask for anything you get nothing. My teen seems to think the world is revolved around her at this moment in time. She thinks nothing of continuing to ask for everything when we are out and about. To the point of trying to surprise her gets ruined. I never asked over and over and over again growing up for things when out and about with my parents. I knew they struggled and it was just not right to do that. Kids today are so different. They feel entitled to everything because they are a kid. I am guilty of wanting to do and give all to my children. I work hard so I can. I don't want to create a monster-
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