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Originally Posted by CityGarden View Post
I suggest you define what you can/will offer before you actively market. My offerings are limited and do not suit all families and it takes longer for me to fill an open spot but I am clear on what those offerings are which helps me to clearly communicate those with potential parents and it helped me know the best methods/places to market. It could help you see if you should be marketing to teachers, SAHMs, Nurses, etc.

I have a very basic FB page for my business and do not spam my friends and family from my personal page. I have boosted a post listing open spots and boosted an event for an open house. I received likes from the boosted post but would not do that again as they did not lead to enrollments or tours. I had good success with the boosted event for the open house. The open house post linked to a Inquiry/Open House RSVP form on my website (getting their contact info and increasing traffic to my site) and I had several people attend the open house and three enroll from that open house. In addition to the boosted post for the open house I also personally posted in FB Mom Groups about the open house as well so I cannot give all the credit for the turn out just to the boosted event post but I felt it was worth it.

I do find posting in moms groups has been better than paying for boosted post/events and referral are best!! I would maybe first offer your current families some sort of promotion to share your program with their friends.
This is good advice. I have a very, very basic FB page (I don't love FB), but a very nice website that clearly states what I offer. What I want is to funnel people to my website, which currently is very hard to find on google (I should prioritize working on that). My target audience is teachers, so you're right that I should actually try to target that audience.
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