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Originally Posted by CalCare:
I think it's an innocent mistake. I have driven my son to school on a closed day by mistake. It was lame. I knew something weird was going on as I approached the trafficless street and turned into the nearly empty parking lot I wasn't working at the time so it was just as much a pita to go through the 'hurry up, get dressed, eat your breakfast, get in the car, etc, etc," all for nothing haha.. Sucks that they had to inconvenience you (unnecessary early wake up booooo)with their mistake, but I wouldn't read too much into it. I mean I don't think it means they are thoughtless, selfish, ungrateful for your services etc... Just a mistake. And I have a school calendar, but I can't imagine double checking it daily in case the day is a holiday that I hadn't realized. Labor day isn't as apparent to many people as something like 4th of July. I'm home with my kids- if it wasn't for Facebook and another parent mentioning being off Monday, I probably wouldn't have noticed it was a holiday myself. Probably the fact that she doesn't work is what contributed to her not realizing.
I disagree.
Its thoughtless and disrespectful to the provider if the provider goes through the trouble of printing up a yearly calendar and other reminder notices. And especially disrespectful to the provider that gets woken up.
I dont care if you are a working parent or stay at home parent but if you can't remember what day of the week it is or if it's a holiday or not I'd probably be a little concerned about your well being.
It seems too many important things now days are overlooked and given little thought with the excuse that parents are simply busy.
I think it's just another sad example of how thoughtless society has become.
I bet not a single one of these parents have accidentally showed up at their jobs on their day off.
I also don't know many providers that dont give multiple written and verbal reminders so showing up to drop your kid off at a providers home when you were told they were closed IS careless, thoughtless, disrespectful and rude.