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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My child was restrained in a highchair ALL DAY by his daycare provider(s) b/c he had bitten a child. This restraining had gone on for 3 days straight. Fortunately I found out about it and immediately pulled my child from the daycare. I have another child who was a "victim" of biting when she was in daycare, so I have been on both sides of this. Restraining a child is NEVER okay to teach them a lesson. My child was barely 17 months old when this occurred.
It most likely was not about teaching him anything. It was probably the ONLY way the provider had to keep the other kids safe.

Most toddler rooms are not set up to handle this. Not enough room for them to spread out and the frustration builds for them.

I would not go back to work in a "typical" center for ANYTHING. Failure techniques are the only options you are given as an employee.

I am willing to bet the teacher did not like doing it, either. I am glad she told you the truth (at least I pray she did). That does not happen enough, IMHO.

Sorry it happened.
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