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First of all, I would have immediately called 911 and reported that the parent left 2 children under 2 years of age unattended in your yard. I would have done that IMMEDIATELY! I would have done so for 2 reasons. If the parent does that once, they will most likely do it again whether at your house or leaving them in the car at the store, wherever, but the next time, the children might get kidnapped or wonder off or who knows what. Also, I would have reported it to the police to cover myself so no one would be able to say that I left the children out back while I took the others on a walk.

I would have also, as soon as I saw the parent, would have immediately handed them whatever belongings their children had at my house and told them to never return to my daycare. You certainly can't take a chance on the parent abandoning the children outside of your home again!
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