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I believe that he was actually going to find a phone. I guess he could have tried to use the gas station's phone. He told me that he left his cell at home. The station is a one minute drive, so I assume he was only gone for a couple of minutes. I am not saying that that makes it OK.

I could tell as soon as I saw him that he realized how stupid of an idea that was. I didn't have much time to react. I was in such shock of what just happened. These parents are very to the point and always drop off and pick up so quickly. I can't even speak to them most of the time because the children are screaming.

Anyway, I have not reported this incident. I thought long and hard about it. It will only hurt both parties involved if I were to report it. Plus I will lose 2 children right off the bat. I honestly believe that it was a terrible mistake on his part. I do not think that these parents abuse or neglect their children.

What would happen if I report? They would know it was me, I would lose the children, the children may get taken from would that ultimately help them?

Yes, I get it, I should technically report this but it puts me in a real hard spot. These guys have been coming here for a while now and I have good relations with them. I think it was a really stupid mistake and won't happen again.
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