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Originally Posted by jojosmommy View Post
I used to offer $50 for referrals if a client signs and starts. I recently offered a free week of care to my current families for the same thing, if a client signs and starts. I figure my families are my best resource and if I can get more clients like them I could do daycare forever.

So my best family has done tons of marketing for me. Even had an interview from one of their referrals. The parents wanted to sign up but I chose not to sign them based on their kids developmental needs. Dh thinks I should give my dcf the referral bonus of a free week of care since they have been so awesome. What do you think?
I do a referral program, but here are some things that you should be aware of...

You need to make it very very clear that YOU are the one who decides if you will sign the family or not. That the family and child has to be a good fit for you and your program. I am not going to sign on just anyone.
If they do give me a referral and the family comes, but I don't ask them to sign, I will give them a one time $10.00 monthly discount.

I do things a little different. I offer an on-going discount, not a one time thing. After 30 days of care, I start giving $40.00 monthly discount for Full time and $20.00 for Part timer as long as the child stays in care. The families also have to understand that I have the right to cancel the families contract for any reason, just like theirs.
Each family can receive a max of $100.00 monthly discount total. Also, a little catch, if they pay late, they don't get the discount.

The reason I tell you this, is years ago I did this and I had families get upset that I would take one families referral, but not the other.

I do have a contract for it, if you want I can email it to you...
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